Saturday, March 29, 2008


The Fusion V fashion show went down last Friday the 28th at the Docks, and if you weren't there to take in the show you missed out on an amazing night of fashion! The atmosphere was on point, urban and upscale sums it up in a nustshell! The Fusion team also incorporated some comedy sets from comedian Trixx(he is hilarious:) which really kept the crowd roaring with laughter. This is my second time coming to the show and it seems to be get better an better every time!
Torontonians we need to take bow, we are for sure stepping up our game when it comes to fashion I was impressed! The main reason why I keep coming back to this show is becuase the creators and organizors of this team actually expose and promote our own home grown talent. Fusion V gives aspiring designers alike a place to shine and grow and for that my hats are off to them.

Below are some highlights from the show, once again if you missed it no worries stay tuned for FUSION VI coming shortly!

Vixen Couture

Vixen Couture

Vixen Couture

Vixen Couture

Vixen Couture

Vixen Couture

Vixen Couture

Vixen Couture

Tissh By Gloria Lee

Couture Culture

Couture Culture

Couture Culture

Nazy Swimwear

Nazy Swimwear

Nazy Swimwear

Nazy Swimwear

Nazy Swimwear

-azy Swimwear

Nazy Swimwear

Contact Info below for the designers:

Nathan Dixon

Hungry The Star

Royalz Wear


Couture Culture

Tissh by Gloria Lee

Keke by Phillip

Vixen Couture

You can't have a Fusion fashion show without some FIERCE fashionistas and these ladies were definetly keeping their style game up!

Until next time, Stay Fly!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Product Review: Isadora Cosmetics

I had the opportunity to sample and review the Swedish line of makeup Isadora Cosmetics. This line started in 1983 in Sweden and is now in 40 other countries across the world! This line covers absolutely everything from make up, skin care, fragrances, body care as well as hair products. The line is also very affordable so you don't have to break the bank to look fabulous!

Here are just some of the products I had a chance to review:

Isadora Bronzing Powder

Now, as some of you may know I am a HUGE bronzer JUNKIE! From liquid, bronzer to powder, to shimmer I love it all! So I was pleased to find the Isadora sent me their bronzer to try. This one come in a powder form, that can be used on your face and all over the body for the sun kissed, healthy glow. Ladies take note, bronzer is your friend, every lady no matter what shade you are should own some bronzer! I wear bronzer year round because I'm just obsessed with the glow it gives my skin. BUT don't over do it, a little goes a long long way! So thumbs up for Isadora's Bronzer it's light and it gives you just enough glow to last through out the day!

Isadora Crystal Lip glaze

This lip glaze is wonderful! It doesnt leave that awful gooey film on your lips like some products do. It keeps your lips mousiterized throught the day with a pretty floral scent!

Creative Shades
The colour blend of these eye shadows are fabulous, you can wear each colour on its own or blend away for a beautiful finish. to add to that these shadows are crease free for hours on end!

Mineral Blush Powder
With this blush a little goes a long way! It's super concentrated so you just need a little and voila your cheeks are alive!

You can purchase these products at:
Cosmetic Mall

Happy Shopping!

Friday, March 21, 2008

I like Her Style...Lauren Conrad

Black and White is a huge trend this Spring season, and Ms. Conrad sure is working it!
I love the combo of a cute high waisted white skirt with a black tunic, classy and timeless!

You can get a similar look at:

Arden B. Black tunic

Arden B. White high waisted skirt

ASOS Large black tote

Large framed Sunglassess ASOS

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's that time of the year again to see some of the hottest most talented designers in T.O! Get ready because FUSION V is planning to ROCK the house!
This is a MUST see show, so get your tickets while you can!!
See you there!! :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Product Review: Satin Sugar All Purpose Treatment Balm by Cake Beauty

(retail 24.00 CAD)

As an admitable beauty junkie, I couldn't pass up the chance to sample and review Cake beauty's newest product Satin Sugar All Purpose Treatment Balm. As ladies we usually have the works in our bags to keep ourselves moisturized from body lotions, hand creams,cuticle creams,lip balms you name it we have it. But personally I would love to be able to have a product that could moisturize and hydrate ALL my dry spots in one jar. Alas, I have finally found a product that does all of the above! Satin Sugar Balm is literally a moisturizer for all your 2000 parts!

First off when you open the jar the sweet smell of Lemon cookies (satin sugar balms scent) instantly hits you, it smells literally like a cake shop I love love love this scent! I used Satin Sugar Balm on my hands, elbows,heels, lips and hands, which in turn made my skin feel moisturized and silky smooth effortlessly. The reason why it moisturizes so well is the fact that it is made with 86% Shea Butter, which is known for hydrating the skin along with 12% beeswax which helps retain moisture. To make this product even better it can also be used on your HAIR to smooth fly aways and frizzy ends all in one jar!

Toronto Style highly recommends Satin Sugar Balm as a must have, for every Beauty Junkie! Not to mention Cake Beauty products are proudly Canadian!

To purchase Satin Sugar Balm you can go to:
Your local Bay department store

Happy Shopping :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

TorontoStyle Spotlight: Stylist Shannon Antonia Vidal

Shannon Antonia has always had a love for fashion and creating outfits since she was a little child, and in the summer of 2003 that love became reality when she became the personal stylist for model Layan Lee. She was her personal stylist for 2 years until she decided to quit modeling to go back to school. At that point she too decided to take a break from styling to focus on my schoolwork as she neared graduation. She got the itch to get back into the fashion scene again, and started with helping to style & produce the fashion show for Windsor Sports Weekend 2007. Shortly after that she assisted with Toronto’s first ever Toronto Week of Style as well as L’oreal Fashion Week.

She has also helped style Fusion Urban Meets Vogue, one of the biggest urban fashion shows in Toronto. She is currently the personal stylist for rapper Kay Mila and is in the process of launching an event planning company, “La Vie” with her business partners which is expected to launch late spring to early summer of this year. La Vie will specialize in throwing themed parties/events; personal styling and a whole lot more!!! Stay tuned!!
Pics of some of her work:

People of Toronto and abroad this is a lady to watch! If you are a model, promoter, or creating your own fashion show this is a stylist you want to have on your team!
You can contact Shannon at:
phone: 647.283.3575
For blackberry users out there her pin is 20387D83.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chic Canadian made Handbags Cha Cha Lifestyle!

Founded in 2005, cha cha is a design house that produces unique
Canadian made handbags and accessories. Hand crafted and made
to order, no details is overlooked. Quality Italian leather, hand dyed
cotton and original graphics are combined with top quality hardware
to create a one of a kind, beautiful yet functional pieces.
Please shop on line at
Cha Cha Lifestyle
For wholesale inquiries please contact
Lori Chalmers
416 500 3075

“Entourage” $425
Entourage is a little rock and roll. Stands out in a crowd, she loves a good
party but ALWAYS takes care of business. 100% leather with canvas lining.
(wxh): 16.5”x20” Strap Length: 23” Color: Brown or Black Pockets: 6

“Amina” $425
Amina is the best travel companion ever. With her light weight and huge
capacity she is capable of carrying all kinds of fun. She is the kind of friend
who compliments your style with out showing you up. 100% leather with
canvas lining.
(wxh): 20”x15” Strap Length: 23” Color: Dark Chocolate Pockets: 4

“Jenny” $325
Perfect for trips to the gym, nights away from home, a companion on a large
flight, the list goes on. You can count on Jenny to make any situation a little
more comfortable..... and pretty. 100% leather with canvas lining.
(wxh): 18”x19” Strap Length: 24” Color: Oatmeal Pockets: 5

“Katie” $295
Katie is like an old loyal friend. She is a little rugged but feminine, you feel like
you have known her all your life. And best of all you can bring her anywhere
and she fits. Great everyday day bag, not to big and not to small. 100%
leather with canvas lining.
(wxh): 13”x15” Strap Length: 20” Color: Distressed Pockets: 4

“Sweet Jane” $295
Sweet Jane, what can I say about Sweet Jane. She is the friend you call
everyday, even if you don’t have anything new to say. You borrow her clothes
and drink too much wine together. 100% leather with canvas lining.
(wxh): 10”x11” Strap Length: 24” Color: Chocolate Syrup Pockets: 2

“Ali” $175
A true friend till the end. With extra thick skin she stands by you through all of
life’s drama, good and bad, never loosing her beauty and grace. 100% leather
with canvas lining.
(wxh): 14”x11” Strap Length: 23” Color: Spicy Dijon Pockets: 2

“Elizabeth” $85
A leather wrap/corset belt. Wraps around and ties in the front. Flattering for
women of all shapes it really helps hold everything in.
One size fits all. Available in black or red.

Happy Shopping :)