Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Canada's Next Top Model Rundown!

So we finally have something to replace ANTM, I don't know about everyone one else but I was missing my Wednesday fix of drama and fashion. I still would pick watching ANTM any day but we need to support our Canadian talent. From what I see this season they actually picked the right host The Diva Ms.Jay and the girls seem to be allot prettier!

The other host last season was such a bore some top model, she was oh so forgettable! As for the judges, I love me some Nolé Martin who is a sought out celebrity stylist (did i say i love me some Nolé Martin!), Jeanne Becker who needs no introduction, Yasmin Warsame top model in the industry (absolutely stunning),and celebrity photographer Paul Alexander.
They still have that guest judge around who I believe is the runway coach Stacey Mckenzie. Don't get me wrong this girl has a killer walk but she scares me a bit with that voice.Just imagine what she sounds like when she wakes up in the morning SCARY!

So the first episode is complete and honestly I really think Steff should have gone home over Mika although she was a loner her picture was fierce. Steff's picture double flop and yes to me she is touching on the drag side!

For my readers I will be covering CNTM weekly so please feel free to comment on your tops pics or just on the show in general.

Here is the rundown of the top 10 (even though Mika is out).

It's a bit early but so far she is my favortie that picture was SMOKIN!

Sinead's photo was HOT!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio@ Shoppers Drug Mart!

Ok so I love me some makeup and I do occasionally go to the MAC Stores but i must say I am a Shoppers Drug Mart Junkie at heart! For one they have these AMAZING new beauty boutiques popping up around the city, there is a brand new one at Don mills and Lawrence if your are ever in the neighborhood. So I was doing my usual make up hunt in Shoppers when I came across these amazing eyeshadow trios by NYX Cosmetics. These trios come in so many hot colours I'm pretty much collecting them all!

Now I know your thinking what about the quality? Surprisingly ladies these eye shadows stay on all day, they are high pigment colours. My picks are TS8
Spring Leaf,Lime Green,Green Tea,TS10 Tropical,Yellow,Lime Green,TS21,Copper,Rust,
Bronze and TS13 Cherry Cool,Blue,Hot Pink. To make these eyeshadow trios even better they are only 9.99! Yup 9.99! They are literally running out of Shoppers Drug Mart and they are only here for a LIMITED TIME so get them while you still can!

I have also put the website up so you can see for your self the hot eye shadows!

Heat Resistent Make-Up!

It's that time of the year again SUMMER which includes days of sweltering heat and smog alerts! I know all my ladies still want their make up to look fly under the sweltering heat(i know i do)!. So to prevent your make up from melting off under the sun here are some make up tools that will help you looking radiant throughout the SUMMER!

Make up forever Mist and Fix located at Sephora
A light and comfortable spray that sets all types of makeup and prolongs hold, even under extreme conditions.

SmashBox O Glow Located at Sephora
Experience instant chemistry as your complexion is transformed from so-so to oh-so-glowing!This revolutionary silicone-based clear gel works on every skin tone and is microcirculating and skin energizing to keep cheeks naturally flushed for hours. O-GLOW's unique Goji Berry-C Complex™ formula is full of antioxidants like vitamin C, pomegranate seed oil and marine plankton for added healthy-skin benefits.

Beach Tint by Becca located at Sephora
Beach Tint
This beautifully blendable, water-resistant, oil-free, watermelon-scented, creme stain for cheeks and lips suits all skin types and dries to a perfect, streak-free, non-greasy, non-drying finish. Can be layered under powdered blushes, bronzers, lip balms, and glosses for added intensity.

Make Up Forever Loose Shine Powder Located at Sephora
Super Matte Loose Powder provides a light, silky veil that is the perfect matte finish for your foundation. The texture is so smooth you can also apply it directly onto the skin. Perfect for all skin types, even very dry skin comes in 12 different shades.

MAC Blot Pressed Powder
A unique pressed powder designed primarily to provide shine control without adding any noticeable colour or texture. Sets foundation, finishes faces.

MAC Blot Film keeps your face oil free and your make up in place!

Most of these items are at Sephora,MAC and Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques!

Cute Spring/Summer Shoes under 100.00 dollars

So im a sucka for a good shoe especially a cute frugal pair! So i have done some scouting and found some hot shoes for the springs/summer season that can be rocked with your hottest outfits for under 100.00 bucks! Happy Shopping!

Payless 22.99 USD

Payless 29.99 USD

Aldo Shoes 79.95

Aldo Shoes 69.95

Aldo Shoes 80.00

Aldo Shoes 79.98

Transit 49.98

Sterling Shoes 49.95

Sterling Shoes 79.95

Transit 49.98

Sterling Shoes 69.95

Aldo Shoes 59.95

Transit 29.98

59.95 Sterling Shoes

Browns 75.00

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Jon B Concert!

So the Jon B concert went down at The Docks last week friday and it was one of the best concerts i went to in a long time! Jon B came back lookin smokin as ever, while his voice was sooo harmonious! Jon B hit us with some classics and with some new joints that will be out with his new album Back to Love. If you were there you know what im talking about, this is what i call MUSIC in every sense of the word. Some new school R&B artists need to take note, Jon B is what you call a true R&B artist!

Check out some photos!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Carols Daughter Hair Care Products In T.O!

For all of you who have fallin in love with this line of hair care products,and you can only purchase them when you go to the U.S or online look no more! These products are finally available in Toronto at a Salon Called The Curl Ambassador located at 159 Harbord Street phone is 416 922-2888. They recieve shipments often, so ladies get your orders in!
For those who dont know about this FAB line of products you can check out their website at

Here are just a few of the products i love!

This is great for an everyday moisterizer, and it also helps with dry scalp.

This is an excellent conditioning creme for those with dry brittle hair.

This is my favorite product from this line, it makes your hair have this healthy glow all day long and it doesnt weigh down your hair. It also axcellent for breakage and split ends.

Warehouse Sales Worth Checkin Out!


JUST IN TIME FOR FATHERS DAY. Large brand name men's apparel sample sale. Don’t miss it. This sale is held only twice each year. Everything from t-shirts to Italian made dress shirts and sports jackets. 4 DAYS ONLY. Cash, Visa & Mastercard only. Please use side entrance off the parking lot.

Sales Date:
5/24/2007 ~ 5/27/2007

FRI. MAY 25TH 10:30AM-7PM
SAT. MAY 26TH 10:30AM-6PM
SUN. MAY 27 10:30AM-4PM



Shimmer Warehouse Sale

All 925 sterling silver, goldplated sterling silver and precious and semi-precious stone sterling silver jewellery is 50 per cent off. Imitation fashion jewellery prices start at $2 and are no higher than $10, a savings of up to 80%.
Excellent gifts for teachers, friends or any special occasion like graduation or proms.

Sales Date:
5/24/2007 ~ 6/28/2007

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2778 Dufferin St.
M6B 3R7

KITCHEN STUFF PLUS - Clearance Outlet Sidewalk Sale

76 Orfus Rd., Toronto, Ontario, M6A1L9
[416] 944.2847
Saturday, May 26th - Everyday prices at this outlet are great but the savings at their outdoor event will amaze you. Warehouse inventory of odds and ends will offer shoppers unbelievable deals on slightly imperfect items. Expect a wide range of housewares, kitchen gadgets, photo frames, cookware, glassware, ceramics and more priced below cost with small dents or scratches or missing pieces. A 16 pc. dinnerware set that normally sells for $40 reduced to $10 if a bowl is broken. Perfect items with imperfect packaging will mean big savings too. Photo frames for $1 each, assorted glassware at $1 each, large stainless steel pots for $10, stainless steel step cans for $10, placemats for 50 cents. Sidewalk sale prices do not apply to regular merchandise in the outlet store but there will be hundreds of in-store specials if you visit the outlet. Crowds gather fast so get there early. Cash only and all sales are final. Rain Date is June 2nd. Hours: May 26th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

STELLA LUNA - 5/19/2007 back to the column

1627 Queen St. W., Toronto, Ontario, M6R1A9
[416] 536.7300

Annual Clearance Sale - This huge clearance sale of all-season vintage and retro clothing has been a well kept secret of fashion stylists for years. For one weekend only, all shoes and bags are $4, skirts and pants are $5, jackets and dresses are $10 to $15 and coats are $15 to $25. Cash only and prices include taxes.

1627 Queen St. W., Toronto
(east of Roncesvalles Ave.)

Saturday and Sunday May 26 & 27, noon to 5 p.m.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

For the Frugal Shopper!

I was recently searching on the internet for great Canadian online stores and i found one FIEERCE by Luis Doan i think the prices are amazing with some great pieces as well as accessories. They also have a store located on Queen street the address is 425 Queen Street West and they recieve new shipments often! Below are some of the pieces on line i thought were cute attached with a great price for the frugal shopper!

Tank 7.90

Orange Dress

Polka Dot Tank 19.90

Freedom of Lleilan Top

Black Zebra Top 12.90

Merry Go Skirt 10.00

Bamboo Top 14.00

1930's Gold Dress 25.00

For more info go to and Happy Shopping!

Hot Spring Bags!

Here are some of springs seasons FAB bags by some of the hottest designers!

Mulberry for Giles

Yves St.Laurent

Prada Bag

Marc Jacobs Softy tote

Marc Jacobs Shoulder bag

Luis Vuitton

Botegga Bag

Jessica Simpson Hobo