Friday, May 30, 2008

Beauty Product Review: Lise Watier's Havana Sun Dust Bronzing Powder!

BRONZER, BRONZER, BRONZER! Ladies if you are not a fan of bronzers this is when you should be! Lise Watier has created an amazing bronzer to make your skin glisten Havana Sun Dust! I for one wear bronzer year round because it gives you that sun kissed glow all the time. Also ladies remember a little goes a long way, so use sparingly. To add to this FAB product you can use it also as an eye shadow or all over the body for a dazzling glow! Havana Sun Dust looks FAB on the skin under the sun, so if you are going on vacation this year this is a must have to add to your travel tote!

You can now get Havana Sun Dust at any Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stripe Central!

This season stripes are big, and you can pick up this trend at various retailers throughout the city. I for one have gone a little strip crazy myself in my own wardrobe! Nonetheless I have picked out some places you may want to start your stripe apperal search!

Happy Shopping Fashionistas!

Forever 21 Canada 27.50

Forever 21 Canada 25.80

Old Navy 14.70 US

Joe Fresh 10.00

ASOS 54.03 US

GAP 34.50 US

Joe Fresh 10.00

Old Navy14.50 US

Old Navy 24.50 US

Joe Fresh 16.00

GAP 24.50 US

Bananna Republic 150.00 US

ASOS 187.24 US

ASOS 157.00 US

ASOS 58.29 US

Monday, May 19, 2008

Product Review: Tru Butter Skin Care

(retail 14.00)
I had the opportunity to sample and review this FAB line Tru Butter. This body butter is really and AMAZING moisturizer! The butter consists of shea butter and jojoba oil which works wonders for your skin. Not to mention that it moisturizes your skin all day, which is much needed for those dry winter months we have in Canada!

(retail 14.00_
The Sugar Scrub is my ultimate favorite out of this line. This acts as a great exfoliate on the skin leaving your skin soft and smooth. It works best on wet skin, so you just rub in and rinse you way to exceptionally smooth skin! Not to mention the smell of lavender is delightful to the senses!

(retail 12.00)
You favorite bath oil can be used as in the bath or on dry skin, I also love the scents it comes in which are Spanish Town, Ginger Orange, Island Gardenia, Pink Grapefruit, Honeysuckle and Fragrance Free.

* All of Tru Butter's skin care line is 100% natural*

To purchase these products and more you can go to:

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Like Her Style..Heidi Klum

Heidi is a style icon all on her own, I think she is forever fierce! She continues to look fab in this casual yet dressy outfit. I'm lovin her gladiator like heels; I must say I'm not a fan but the way this out fit is put together doesn't make these shoes seem so bad.

You can get a similar look at the following retailors!




Happy Shopping Fashionistas!

Product Review: Lise Watier's Plumping Lip Base!

(retail 20.00)

What better way to get the ultimate plumping action with plumpissima lip gloss than with a plumping lip base! Not only does this plumping lip base give you more plumping action but it also acts as a conditioner for your lips. This base strengthens and re hydrates, contours soft lines, wrinkles and helps to make your top coat last longer!

I personally like it as a stand alone as well, I just put it one and rub my lips together well and tada it acts as a FAB lip conditioner. It keeps your lips soft for hours!

You can get this product at your local Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique.

Happy Shopping Beauties!

Product review: Lise Watier's Plumpissimo Lip Gloss!

(retail 20.00)

Lise Watiers new plumping lip gloss is great for those who are in need of some serious plumping action! this gloss contains a natural lip conditioner that works instantly and visibly on the volume and elasticity of the skin. To add to this Fab gloss it has a refreshing dose of menthol for a tingly sensation. Plumpissimo comes in a variety of great colours so you will find a colour that works for you!

You can get Plumpissimo gloss at your local Shopper Drug Mart Beauty Boutique.

Happy Shopping Beauties!

Product review: Lise Watier Mascara Wow!

(retail 20.00)

Ladies Ladies! Attention! If you don't have this mascara as part of your beauty regime YOU NEED IT!!! I have tried dozens of mascara's being the self professed beauty junkie that I am and let me tell you this one is ranking as number one! I am always a skeptic about what beauty companies claim there mascaras can do. So I was expecting that Lise Watier's would not be any different.

Man was I wrong! this is really a Wow Mascara! With Wow there really is absolutely no CLUMPING, I mean none! It has a flexible, thermoplastic elastomer brush that combs through all your lashes and gives you a full, lengthy, dramatic lash line! It's a protien rich formula enriched with keratin ans panthenol nourishes and strengthens your lashes.

You can get this FAB mascara at your local Shoppers Beauty Boutique.

Happy Shopping Beauties!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Product Review: Benefit Cosmetics Erase Paste and Duo bronzer/blush 10!

Erase paste is Benefit Cosmetics newest baby! this concealer really erases all signs of stress and fatigue and gives you that "fresh face"! I found that it got ride of any imperfections I had and created a smooth surface. Erase paste comes in 3 shades light medium or dark, so it is suitable for most shades.

Blush and Bronze Highlighter what a perfect combo! This duo gives you an unforgettable glow with touch of pink and a sexy sweep and tada the ultimate glow!
I found this product to be a great product to own and I love that its a combo and it saves you lots of time when getting ready.So you don't have to grab to different products to achieve the look you want it's all in one!

You can get both of these products at your local Shoppers Drug Mart 10 blush retails for around 35.00 dollars and erase paste for 28.00 dollars.

Happy Shopping Beauties!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Alicia Keys and Her FIERCENESS!!

Ms. Keys has been hitting the gym HARD! She was seen at the David Letterman show looking fly! She looks sooooooo FIERCE in this outfit work it out Alicia (and the shoes are Hot to death)!