Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canadian Designer Kendra Francis Debuts on the Shopping Channel Nov 4th!

Designer Kendra Francis launches a new collection ‘K’ by Kendra Francis, exclusively for the Shopping Channel!

The collection is fashionable, contemporary and styled exclusively for the Shopping Channel. ‘K Kendra Francis’ is made up of 13, all jersey pieces that can be mixed, matched and worked into every woman’s existing wardrobe. The very affordable line includes dresses, tops, pants and jackets ranges in price from $60 - $220 ‘I focused on bold colours, great cut and fit.

Tune in this weekend as the collection becomes available across Canada!

'K" by Kendra Francis launches on the Shopping Channel Sunday November 1st at 9am and 4pm

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Review of Good Hair!

So I saw the movie, I must say it opened my eyes a bit more to how lost as a race we are. Some of us are sooo ignorant it's quite disgusting actually. Black women are soo insecure it soo sad and to think this hair business that is 9 billion dollar business is solely based on our own insecurities as black females. People are cashing in all over the world on our insecurities. Some of us don't like ourselves and to think that most people will relax or put extensions for the sole purpose of not feeling pretty enough or not "fitting in" to the western society of beauty. God forbid if we show our "real" selves what will the world think? Not to mention the health concerns on applying sodium peroxide(relaxer) to your hair the long term effects that can cause.

This industry was created for us to fit in(creator Madam C.J Walker), and sorry news flash we are black, no matter how many wigs or weaves or perms we get you are black that's all they will ever see. Personally I accept my self fully as a black female from my skin to my nose, lips, round rear, large hips and all, but I always thought to myself why not my hair? Now I'm down for changing up my do cause I want a new look but if we are doing it for the sole purpose of "I feel prettier with some girls hair from India on my head, or straight relaxed hair then my own is a PROBLEM!" Now I am not perfect I will probably rock a weave again at some point in my life change is good, but not because I feel prettier or more feminine!

Anyhow ladies and gents this is just my 2 cents nothing to take to heart just my random thoughts. Go check it out for yourselves and gather your own opinion!

If you saw the movie or have an opinion leave a comment!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot Sweater Finds at Forever 21!

Fall is my favorite season, I love the fashions I cant get enough of the chunky sweaters! So if you are looking for some cute sweaters to keep you warm during this fall season take a look at Forever 21 Canada!

Forever 21 $27.80

Forever 21 $23.80

Forever 21 $47.00

Forever 21 $27.80

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Like Her Style.. Amber Rose!

For once Amber doesn't look like she just came out of the strip club! She actually looks like a lady in this curve hugging number, red is her colour love it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

For The Frugal Shopper.. The Little Grey Dress!

Sanaa looks stunning in her cute little grey dress! Grey is everywhere this fall season and you can't help but get in on all the craze! Start off with a cute little grey dress with a frugal price tag at Forever 21 for $29.80 CAD ! Pair this with some black tights and boots you are good to go!

Forever 21 $29.80 Grey Dress