Thursday, January 29, 2009

Music Im Lovin... M.I.A

M.I.A is most known for her "paper planes" single which has been blowing up all over the world! If you don't know about or have her music in your Ipod than you are missing out! I love her unique sound and her individuality she sounds like no other!
M.I.A was born as Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam (July 17, 1977) and is a Grammy Award winning British vocalist, songwriter, composer, record producer and visual artist of Sri Lankan Tamil origin. She is best known by her stage name, M.I.A.. Her music style contains elements of grime, hip-hop, ragga, dancehall, electro, and baile funk. Her latest album Kala is amazing a must have! She is one FIERCE chick!

Fashion for Charity.."Samburu Hope" Tees By Public Library

I saw this Tee on Mrs. Carter and I thought it was a pretty cute casual Tee with a great message! Did some more research and found that the proceeds for buying the tee go to a great project called the Samburu Project. The Samburu Project provides healthy drinking water to villages in Kenya. I think it's a great project so why not give back and look cute while doing it :)!

You can get this FAB Tee at cost $38.00 dollars.

Happy Shopping!

"Headline News..Jessica Simpson Weight Gain" Are We For Real People!?

Ok so I love me some Jessica Simpson and I loved her in "Newlyweds", I secretly wish her and Nick were still together they were so cute! But really now this is headline news her weight gain?? As for as I am concerned she looks FAB, and really she looks even better with womanly curves! People or us women rather need to STOP obsessing about our weight (me included)! We all look different and come in many shapes and sizes lets just focus on being FAB women! Anyway that's just my two cents!!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Diva With The Most is Preggers!

Yes Kimora Lee is preggers and showing in a big way! Congrats to her and Djimon! I think she looks pretty FAB she is one hot mama!

I Like Her Style... Keshia Cole!

Usually I find this chick style questionable but if this is a new style leaf she has turned over for the new year then it's 2 thumbs up for Keshia Cole! Yes it maybe a but early to be talking about summer dresses but this one is on point and I think Keshia is on to something here! The 1950's inspired dresses with full skirts and big prints are in full swing this season! I'm about to mos def get this look on his season I'm sure we will see more of this FAB ultra girly look!

Monday, January 12, 2009

FAB Products From Tarte Cosmetics!

I have been eyeing this line for awhile and I was glad to finally try these products! Tarte cosmetics has the tarte t5 super fruit complex™ in it's products (They smell soooooo GOOD). It's is a proprietary blend of the five most active superfruits: goji, acai, maracuja, acerola and pomegranate. The first blend of its kind, the t5 super fruit complex™ is loaded with naturally occurring, antioxidant rich nutrients and vitamins that have been known to deliver refining, anti-aging and skin-restorative benefits. Tarte has a variety of products from mascaras, eyeliners,glosses, their famous cheek stains and much more!

Cheek Stain in Tickled
Ticked Cheek stain gives you a hint of peachy- blush red that keeps rosy and sweet all day! This stain adds a great amount of color to your cheeks especially in these cold winter conditions where your color is being drained from you!

Cheek Stain in Tipsy
This cheek stain is my absolute favorite I Love the hint of peach shimmer it adds to my look! It also has AMAZING staying power to last all day long! If you are a fan of peachy blushes this one is for you !

Lash Hugger Mascara
Tarte Lash Hugger Eco-Friendly Natural Mascara lets you hug your lashes with a truly naturally-formulated mascara. I love how light it goes on and there is very little clumping, its a great everyday mascara!

Erase Concealer
This concealer comes in huge variety of colors to match your skin tone. It erasers lines like no other concealer I have tried and it doesn't go on cakey nice and smooth!

You can get this line of FAB products at your local

Happy Shopping Beauties!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Like Her Style.. Kim Kardashian!

NewPort News
With Kim K its either you hate her or love her and I personally love her! Her make up and hair are always on point along with her great sense of style! Honestly I have rarely seen an out fit on her I don't like she is FIERCE!
She can been scene rocking on the latest winter trends the Cape/Poncho Coat. I love how this coat looks and its pretty flattering on any body type. To get this look you can go to NewPort News for a similar coat for the sweet price of $59.90 US!