Wednesday, May 23, 2007

For the Frugal Shopper!

I was recently searching on the internet for great Canadian online stores and i found one FIEERCE by Luis Doan i think the prices are amazing with some great pieces as well as accessories. They also have a store located on Queen street the address is 425 Queen Street West and they recieve new shipments often! Below are some of the pieces on line i thought were cute attached with a great price for the frugal shopper!

Tank 7.90

Orange Dress

Polka Dot Tank 19.90

Freedom of Lleilan Top

Black Zebra Top 12.90

Merry Go Skirt 10.00

Bamboo Top 14.00

1930's Gold Dress 25.00

For more info go to and Happy Shopping!


Kate said...

Went to the store and saw the merchandise. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Bad quality, cheap fabric, unprofessional staff! Worst shopping experience ever! DOn't ever go there!!

Anonymous said...

oh god i have to agree with you Kate! I asked the staff there what kind of fabric was one of the item there and she said she doesn't know and went in the backstore to ask her boss/designer or whaterver and came back telling me some bullshit. Then i started checking the fabric content on different items and they were all the same even though it was made in different fabric!! That stupid store should be close down!

Sally said...

I'm surprise they are still in business! The only time I was there, I had to waited over 10 minutes before a worker showed up on the floor. Could have took everything and ran away and they won't even know! haha

samantha said...

one word: UGLY!!