Friday, August 3, 2007

Interview with Jacquelene Clarke of Vixen Couture

Fly, flashy, daring, original, sexy are all the words I would describe the clothing line Vixen Couture. Jacquelene Clarke, the designer behind the Vixen Couture line caters to every woman and especially woman with curves. I had the pleasure to see a line of her clothing at the Rip the Runway Fashion Show and I was impressed by how well put together her designs were. With Vixen Couture you can get the high end quality of clothing but not with the high end price tag. Her designs range from sexy dresses, tops, skirts and soon to come accessories and menswear. I had a chance to interview this lovely designer, to learn more about her designs, who she caters to, what set her designs apart from other designers, what her inspirations are and much more.

How did you begin fashion designing?
Since I was 9 years old I always knew that I wanted to do fashion. However, I always hated watching fashion television. I felt that it never related to me that is was more focusing on art than fashion. My Dad was always pushing me into designing and sewing as well; so he would send me over to my relatives to visit and I would see what they would do and I just took of from there. So I’m a very creative person and it’s been that way until now.

How did you start line and where did the name of the line come from?
I have two sides to me, there is one side where I’m quiet and shy and I just want to be alone and read my book. There is also another side to me that is talkative, and rambunctious it’s like an alter ego. I also realize that I’m very self conscious on my more quiet side and the other side I get all dressed up in a nice dress and go out. Then everyone is like wow you change from night to day. So I was looking at how I could tie in my personality into my line of clothing. So I came across the word Vixen, when people think of vixen they think of a sex symbol, but a vixen is actually a female fox and it’s one of my favorite animals. So it kind of just stuck with me vixen and couture is because the line is fashionable and luxurious. For instance if you go to Macy’s or Bloomingdales there usually nice clothes but for women that are size 0. So with Vixen Couture you can get the luxury in clothing with not the high prices that cater to every woman.

When did you get your first break in the industry?

Well I actually haven’t gotten my first break in the industry, but at Seneca College which I am currently a student, where put together the fist black history fashion show. But this summer Fashion over Style contacted me to do their fashion show. So I did then soon after that the offers for fashion shows, interviews, and promos just kept coming in from there. I also did the Rip the Runway Fashion show, where I put together the collection “Upgraded”. This show also led to a lot of interest in my line and now I am booked from now until April 2008 which is amazing.

What sets you apart from the other designers in industry?
My clothes are meant to stand out and grab attention; I make a point of that because to me that’s what a Vixen does. She has a presence and an aura about her she demands attention when she walks into a room. I also cater to curvy girls since I’m a curvy girl myself I try to make clothes that flatter the curvier figure. My clothes are also high fashion without the high end price. For instance a jacket a Holt Renfrew could be 400.00 dollars, so for some that means that money towards mortgage or rent or a car payment. So I just think that you can’t still have the look of high fashion without the high price.

When do you get your inspirations for your designs?
I am inspired by anything, it could be nature, places, such as St.Tropez I read a biography recently on the country and it really inspired me. I am also inspired by cultures, such as the Japanese culture they were doing it for me for awhile. I am also inspired by the designers Roberto Cavalli and Versace I do a lot of channeling from their lines to mine, but I put my spin on it to make it my own.

Are you self taught or formerly trained?
I am actually in school at Seneca College for fashion and I am self taught as well I have been sewing since the age of nine.

Have you styled and celebrities of VIP’s?
I haven’t yet but to me all my customers are celebrities and VIP’s. I treat all my clients like they are celebrities.

Who is the ideal Vixen Couture customer?
The ideal Vixen Couture customer is someone who is glamorous, confident and independent. She is someone that demands attention when she walks into a room. But personally since I am a curvier woman myself, I cater to those girls who are curvier and are not afraid to show it off.

Are there any designers that you would like to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with Roberto Cavalli, Paul Hardy, D Squared and Alfred Sung.

How can people reach you and what is your price range?
I can be reached on facebook, at Vixen Couture Model Search group, also on myspace at
My price range for my designs are from 25.00 dollars and up.

Here are some pics of her FAB designs!

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