Monday, February 18, 2008

Frugal Bride in the City Part 1

As some of your may know I am recently engaged yeah:)! So I have decided the type of bride Im going to be and it will be the Frugal Bride! Weddings are expensive and I am convinced I can stay under budget. So with the help of you my FAB readers I think I will be able to stay on track. If you are currently a bride or a bridesmaid or a previous bride please enlighten me of all things frugal 2008!

So far the following is complete:
Bridesmaid Dresses
Make up Artist

To do:
Professional Wedding Decorator
Mens Attire
cant think of any more!!

I will be posting the Frugal bride in the City Series periodically until the big day September 26th!
So if you have ANY suggestions for me please post them in the comment section or email ! :)

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