Monday, May 19, 2008

Product Review: Tru Butter Skin Care

(retail 14.00)
I had the opportunity to sample and review this FAB line Tru Butter. This body butter is really and AMAZING moisturizer! The butter consists of shea butter and jojoba oil which works wonders for your skin. Not to mention that it moisturizes your skin all day, which is much needed for those dry winter months we have in Canada!

(retail 14.00_
The Sugar Scrub is my ultimate favorite out of this line. This acts as a great exfoliate on the skin leaving your skin soft and smooth. It works best on wet skin, so you just rub in and rinse you way to exceptionally smooth skin! Not to mention the smell of lavender is delightful to the senses!

(retail 12.00)
You favorite bath oil can be used as in the bath or on dry skin, I also love the scents it comes in which are Spanish Town, Ginger Orange, Island Gardenia, Pink Grapefruit, Honeysuckle and Fragrance Free.

* All of Tru Butter's skin care line is 100% natural*

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