Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beauty Product Review: Pink Beauty Cosmetics!

Pink Beauty is a Canadian based beauty company that has a wide selection of products from lip glosses, lipsticks, blushes, mascaras, eye shadows and much much more.
Pink Beauty is a beauty line that reflects the 1940’s Hollywood glam and modern glam all in one.
Pink Beauty was also created by accomplished makeup artist, April Jacob,who has been a makeup artist for the last 10 years with an impressive roster of, CEO's, Celebrities,Politicians with noted work in Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly to name a few.
I personally love finding out about Canadian based beauty companies I love to support my fellow Canuck!
I had a chance to try out some of their products and they are FAB!

Pink Beauty Lip gloss
Allot of lip glosses on the market have this sticky residue they leave behind, but with Pink Beauty lip gloss it goes on with no after residue. With just a hint of color your lips will look and feel great!

Pink Beauty Satin Eye Shadow
This high pigmented eyeshadow gives you the right amount of color, and the right amount of dazzle!I love the satin finish to this eyeshadow simply splendid!

Pink Beauty Cream Radiance Rouge in Enchant
This blush goes on ultra smooth, and can be easily blended to create the achieved look you want. Also remember a little goes along way, the color is very rich and luscious so blend accordingly and you will no be disappointed! You can apply this cream blush with your fingers or an applicator whichever you choose you will love this product!!

If you would like to be tickled Pink you can go to:
Pink Beauty Cosmetics


Anonymous said...

what stores can you find this in (in Toronto)?

beauty cosmetics said...

All products are great.Definitely I will check out these products!!

Anonymous said...

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