Friday, November 7, 2008

SONY BMG in partnership with Torontostyle presents a Dido Prize Pack Giveaway!!

Dido is back after 5 years from the release of her second album ‘Life for Rent’. Although she disappeared from view, she took little time off from music. "I wanted to take some time to become a better musician," she explains. "When I got back from touring early in 2005, it took a while just to take in what had happened. I'd had an amazing time, but I guess I needed to take a step back, reconnect with normal life and bring the focus 100 percent back to music." Safe Trip Home’, Dido’s third album, will be released in Canada on November 18th.

5 Lucky Torontostyle readers will have a change to win an amazing prize pack which includes:
A Dido branded aluminum water bottle
A recyclable shopping bag
A autographed copy of her last album “Life For Rent”

All you have to do is answer some Dido trivia and the first 5 Torontostyle readers to get the questions correct wins a prize pack!

Here goes the trivia Good Luck!
**Please email with your answers**
1. What country was Dido Born?
2. What year was she born?
3. What acclaimed music school did she attend?
4. What was the name of her debut album?
5. What was the name of her last album?

**Contest only open to Canadian residents**
**CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 5 WINNERS Shannon Howes-Jurgens,Tammy Taylor Deane,Eduardo Trejos,Donna Vitan,Chris Travaglini, THANK YOU ALL FOR PARTICIPATING THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.****

1 comment:

Donna Vitan said...

1. London, England
2. 1971
3. Guildhall School of Music
4. No Angel
5. Not considering her new album Safe Trip Home, it would be Life for Rent.

I do enjoy her music and can't wait to hear more. Thanks for the heads up!