Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Essentials: The Black Tote!

The post is a request from a reader that wanted some ideas on where to get "The Essential Black Tote" I thought it was a great idea as it is one of the key essential to any women's wardrobe so here it goes!
Whether you are catching a plane like Halle or out on the Town like Jessica or heading to a work out session like Kim, The Black Tote is one of the key accessories every women should own! Your Essential Black Tote should be deep enough to fit all your everyday must haves like your wallet, makeup pouch,keys, agenda, blackberry/phone etc. Plus it must be stylish and suit your own individual personality! So I put together a collection a black totes that I think would be categorized as an Essential!! :)

Happy Shopping !

Urban Outfitters $68.00

Forever 21 $39.80

Forever 21 $35.80

Forever 21 $35.80

Purse Boutique $44.95 dollars

Purse Boutique $39.99

Purse Boutique$34.95

Purse Boutique $39.99

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Thank you, they are gorgeous and fairly cheap as well :)