Thursday, May 14, 2009

For The Frugal Shopper.. The Little Red Dress Under $60 bucks!

Reese Witherspoon in a Temperley London

Just like it is essential for every girl to have a LBL (little black dress) the same goes for the LRD (little red dress). The little red dress is ideal for those days when you want to step it up a notch and get noticed! Nothing says confidence like a FIERCE red dress with a frugal price tag! So if you don't own one yet or you may be shopping for one here are some cute finds in cyberspace that may suit your style for under $60 bucks!


Asos $39.38

Forever 21 $33.80

Asos $59.39

Asos $39.00


Ebony Intuition said...

I like the dress from forever 21

elited said...

I love that it's red - so vibrant, and so unlike what we too often have in our heads as "correct" Regency dress fabulous.
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Barbara Kilby said...

I like the dress from forever 21