Sunday, July 5, 2009

Recap of the Go Fro Event@Honey Fig!

The Go Fro Event at Honey Fig went down on Friday July 3rd and boy was it a hit! Tons of ladies came out to gain knowledge on how to care for our natural hair, what products and ingredients to watch out for along with a hair demo by Chiggy's touch Salon! I gained alot of insight to my natural tresses and I just want to say thank you to all the Torontostyle readers the came out to the event it was a blast!

Until the next event chow bellas:)!

HoneyFig Haircare Store!

Go fro event guests mingling and checking out the FAB products!
Go fro guest with a gorgeous head of natural curls!
Go fro guest learning how to do a "twist out" hairstyle
Chiggy from Chiggy's touch salon giving a hairstyle demo
More ladies with FAB hair!
Chiggy giving us the 411 on naturally curly hair
More natural beauties mingling!
More Guests!