Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot Fashion Show This Week!!!

Looking for a HOT fashion show to go to this weekend? look no more the Brighter Futures Fashion is happening July 14th at the Peridot Lounge(click flyer for additional details!) Proceeds for this event will go to building a resource center in Uganda for the youth in this region.
So if your looking to see some of Toronto's hottest designers such as Jacquelene Clarke and Randy Mcknob along with contributing to a great cause this show is for YOU! Along with that Ugandan artist David Kabuuka will be there showcasing his work. I had a chance to ask the event organizer Shehan M. details about the event check it out!

(Click flyer to view bigger)

How did you come up with concept of the Brighter Futures Fashion show?I've been involved in philanthropic activities for many years and going back to my days as a counselor I've always wanted to work with youth. I come from a long line of teachers so the importance of education and knowledge in creating your dreams have always been stressed to as I was growing up. Two years ago I had the please of meeting Caroline Abeja, then president of the Rotary club of south Kampala. Her presentation on the conditions of the northern districts of Uganda and the effect it had on the people and more importantly the children moved me a great deal. She explained that the children of Lira (a northern district) had no where to get a proper education b/c the schools were being used house the thousands for displaced people who fell victim to the ongoing civil war. As a result, these children were not prepared to write the nation wide exams which allowed them to pursue higher education. The Rotary club of south Kampala were in the process of building a resource center to help combat this problem. After speaking with her a great deal I was motivated to do anything I could to help this cause.
I firmly believe we have the power to create our futures IF we are given the right tools. Can you imagine how much brighter a child's future could be if they were given the proper tools? And thus the idea for Brighter Futures was born

Where will the proceeds for the event be going?
All proceeds will go to help the resource center. Approximate cost to operate this center for one year is $10,000 US. This does not include the cost to procure books and other materials.

Who will be the designers/artist showcased?
The designers will be Randy Mcnob and Jacquelene Clarke both of whom I've know for many years. Both are up and coming designers and I'm very happy and blessed to be working with them. Also, David Kabuuka, a world renowned Ugandan artist will have his art displayed during the event.

Will there be more events like this from this organization in future?
Absolutely!! We hope to make this a semi-annual event (spring/fall) going forward. The cause however will change as other opportunities arise.

What do you hope to accomplish out of an event like this?
I would like to bring awareness to the conditions the youth have to endure not only around the world but also here in Toronto.

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