Thursday, September 20, 2007

Interview with the Founders of Fusion Fashion IV "Where Urban Meets Vogue"

“Where Urban Meet Vogue”, what better way to describe the most anticipated fashion show of the year Fusion Fashion. Founders Janelle Morgan and R. Montana Joseph have been working diligently at making this show what is has come to be. Fusion Fashion begun in early 2006 and has quickly turned into one of the must see fashion shows of the year. So far Fusion Fashion has put on 3 highly successful shows with the 4Th installment on the way. I had the opportunity to interview these hard working founders of this fabulous show to get more insight on the creation of Fusion Fashion, whats in store for the future, their target audience and much more.

R. Montana Joseph is no stranger to the entertainment industry; Joseph has been working with Capitol Entertainment for a number of years working the party scene promoting some of hottest events in Toronto for the chic, stylish, tastemakers of this city. With this knowledge under his belt it would only be a matter of time before he would venture into fashion event promotion; which he was introduced to by Janelle Morgan C.E.O of Morgan Models and Co-Founder of the Fusion Fashion Show. “How it all began was I had a project coming up where I needed models, and I had known Janelle for some time and knew she had a modeling agency. So we collaborated on the project together and in turn the project turned out really well. After that he had a few more meet ups and came up with the idea of putting together a fashion show, which we did and had our first show up in a month with great success.”

Janelle Morgan is no stranger to the fashion industry she is C.E.O of a successful modeling agency Morgan Models, while also being the Co- Founder of Fusion Fashion. Janelle knows the ins and outs of the fashion world which is no wonder why she has been able to put on a critically acclaimed show of this caliber. Morgan went on to talk about the origin on Fusion Fashion, why the show works so well, and who the target audience is.

“The name of the fashion event came about through the merging of business and different facets of fashion. I feel you can live and work in an urban environment and still be classy and upscale, so through Fusion Fashion that’s what we are trying to portray. Morgan went on to discuss the kinds of designers in their show and what kind of audience they want to attract to Fusion Fashion. “We like to focus on Canadian based designers, I find as Canadians we do not promote our own until they go away and make it big then we embrace them. So through this show we are trying to expose and promote own home grown talent. “As for our target audience, we want to attract the urban professional between the ages of 21-40, and just people who love and appreciate fashion."

The Fusion Fashion show is in its 4Th run, and it looks like it will be another successful fashion show. TorontoStyle readers you do NOT want to miss this show with designs from some of the hottest fashion designers in T.O; for the true fashionista this is a must attend! I have my ticket so I hope to see all my TorontoStyle readers in the house it’s going to be a banger!!

Below is the information on tickets and location along with some pictures from previous shows for your viewing pleasure!

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