Friday, February 13, 2009


($20 CAD) purchase at your local Shoppers Drug Mart Boutique

So I got a chance to sample Lise Watier newest mascara 24hrs Lash Mascara from their new 2009 Spring Collection Savanaa Dream. Ok so I'm so convinced that the people at Lise Watier ARE the GURUS of mascara creation!! I thought they out did themselves with their previous mascara Mascara WOW, but they have managed to create a mascara that in my opinion put all other mascara's to shame! LADIES you need this mascara in your makeup collection it is a MUST HAVE!

So enough of my telling you how great it is here is why, this mascara provides extreme wear while boldly lengthening and volumizing lashes ( I mean literally, I accidentally feel asleep with this mascara on one night, and I woke up quickly looked in the mirror in my morning rush and could have sworn I put on faux lashes the night before. But I didn't, it was my 24hr lashes starring right at me at attention!!).

It's elastic polymer formula and its Flexi-QueenTM brush surround each lash with a 3D waterproof film to create a 24-hour, infinitely glamorous look. So basically instead of the usual mascara that just coats your lashes this formula wraps around your lashes creating a shockingly faux lash look without the faux lashes! If you want to add a bit more dram to your lashes try using an eye lash curler along with it.
This will be a staple in my mascara collection make it in yours! If you have used this mascara do share your 24hrs mascara experience! :)

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