Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ninia's Cosmetics

I had the pleasure to meet the founders of Ninia’s Cosmetics Ninia and Annette. I was really looking forward to meeting these girls because I had been hearing the buzz about these ladies for some time. Ninia’s have been in existence since 2005 in the College Park underground besides the RichTree Restaurant. Ninia, who is one of the founders and is a veteran in the business. She has been in the make-up industry for the last 20 years; while her sister Annette was a professional model and Ms. Black Ontario. While Ninia was in Bermuda working in the cosmetic field her sister was looking for a career change. Ninia returned to Toronto and alas Ninia’s Cosmetics was born.

My experience with Ninia and Annette was just FAB! These ladies are so down to earth and sweet as well as very knowledgeable about their cosmetics. Ninia sat me down and went through all the make up she was applying to my face and went to work (the make up consultation is free with purchase). She did my whole face applying foundation, eyebrow powder, and a splash of some of their wicked eye shadow colours. The application was done in no time and the results were flawless!

So here is the best part ladies, nothing in this line of products is over 30.00 dollars absolutely nothing! So you will still be able to purchase your freakum dress for a night out on the town as well as some FAB makeup and not break the bank! Yes ladies we can have it all!
So enough about the price lets talk about the quality because honestly what’s the point of buying frugal products if the quality isn’t right. After my makeover I decided to keep it on the whole evening and walk around downtown under the sweltering heat. The makeup did stay on the whole time and there was barely any creasing with the eye shadow (which is what I hate the most). I give Ninia’s Cosmetics two thumbs up; the price is right as well as the quality!
*Just a quick note: Ninia’s products are all non comedegenic, products range from glosses, lipsticks, skincare, body care, eye shadows, blushes, and foundations*.
* They also receive new eye shadows colours every 2 months.*

Ninia’s Cosmetics is located at the lower level of the Toronto College Park Shops (across from Rich Tree) 444 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-913-1648

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