Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shandina Fashions

Stacey and Curt the creators of Shandina Fashions met at the International Academy of Design in 2004 where they begun to create Shandina Fashions. Since then the duo created a connection in school which transcended into the launch of their own women and men's clothing line Shandina Fashions. They have showcased their work in local fashions shows across Toronto and have received amazing reviews. Shandina Fashions are fun, bright, flashy with an influence of the Caribbean. You WILL get noticed while wearing on of these designs they are truly on of a kind.

When did you realize you had a love for fashion design?

Stacey-I realized I had a love for fashion when I was younger and my mom would sew and make her own clothes I soon took on making my own clothes after that.
Curt- I also started my love of fashion at a young age. I was really good at tailoring, so I just kept on it.

When was your first break in the industry?

We actually got out first break when we decided to do a fashion show in our neighborhood in April. We were not expecting allot of people to show up but over 200 people came out to see the show.

Who do your designs cater to?
Overall our designs are fun flashy and bright and cater to everyone. We do men and women's clothing, as well as bathing suits. Being a woman of shape, It's hard to find good fitting clothes, so we try to cater to woman with curves as well as every one else.

Where do your inspirations for your designs come from?

Our inspirations come from a number of things,music, the Caribbean culture,people shapes, everything.

Are you self taught of formerly trained?

We are self taught first but we went to the International Academy of Design and received our Fashion Design Diploma's.

Have you styled any celebrities or VIP's?
So far we have styled a soul Canadian artist Ian Smith

Are there any designers you would like to collaborate or work with?

We would love to collaborate with Dolce and Gabbana, Yves St Laurent and Isaac Mizrahi.

Where can people find your clothing?
For now people can find our clothing by calling us or email; we are also in the process of getting an on line store together.

To contact Shandina Fashions they can be reached at Phone# 647-268-4388 or email chinadole316@hotmail.com

Here are some photos of their FAB Fashions!

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