Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pfatty Girl Accessories Interview

I love me some funky, unique jewelry and Pfatty Girl Accessories is definitely doing it for me! I was able to interview these lovely girls and get some more insight on their business,how they started,and details of their awesome jewelry designs. Pfatty Girl Accessories launched in 2006 and have be none stop ever since. The reason why Pfatty Girl is so unique is because their designs actually cater to all sizes. That especially rings true for bracelets and bangles,some are way to big and some are to small. So to solve that problem, Pfatty Girl makes their pieces to fit all! Also, if you have a design in mind for a piece of jewelry you can actually work with the ladies Julie and Tene to make it happen! Currently you can view and purchase their items on line at
They also do home parties which I think is a great idea for a girl's night in; gather up your girlfriends and have a jewelry party!

How did you get into jewelry design?
We always loved accessories and shopping, but the plus size accessory market was practically non-existent on both sides of the border. The decision to cater to women of all sizes came out of necessity and frustration more than anything else. We were tired of buying necklaces and bracelets that just didn’t fit right. When the company we were working for closed and we were laid off, we decided to take the opportunity to turn our craft into a business.

When did you start Pfatty Accessories?
We started brainstorming and doing the administrative side of things in late 2005. We really started getting Pfatty Girl going in early 2006.

Have any celebrities or VIP’s worn your jewelry?

Athlete Tabia Charles, ranked # 1 in Canada for triple jump & long jump, 10 time ALL American in track, among other achievements. Tabia's been one of our biggest supporters.
We've got a few other projects in the works, so things are looking promising.

What sets your design creations apart from other jewelry designers?

Every piece is one-of-a-kind, hand-made, and we have over 500 pieces. Most of our accessories are intentionally made to fit women of all sizes. For example, many of the bracelets are made to form to the shape and size of the wrist it’s put on. The bracelet may wrap three times around a smaller wrist, while wrapping once or twice around a fuller wrist. Necklaces range in length and style. Often someone with a fuller neck can wear a piece as a comfortable, close-fitting necklace, while someone with a slimmer neck can wear it as a mid-length piece. Pfatty Girl also has numerous long and layered necklaces which fall around waist length. Regardless, the fit is stylish and comfortable. Our style is versatile, ranging from bold and chunky to dainty and delicate. Also, Pfatty Girl customers can place customer orders. This opportunity allows clients to give us specific details on what accessory they envision, and we bring it to life.

Did you take any classes for this or are you self taught?
We’re self-taught. There was a lot of reading, but hands-on trial and error was the best teacher.

Where do you come up with the inspirations for your designs?

We’re inspired by our surroundings. We love to travel, and things that we see, whether it be in the city or the country, North America or the West Indies.

When was you first so to speak break in the industry?

We're fairly new to the industry and still trying to get that big break. In February 2007 we were invited our first photo shoot and we've been keeping busy ever since.

Where can consumers find your jewelry besides the online store?
Besides, consumers can find us on myspace, model mayhem and in their own homes! We offer home parties, so people can invite their friends over and host a party. We’ll bring accessories!

What price ranges do your pieces start from?Prices range from $15.00 for a pair of earrings, for example, to about $200.00 for a gold and semi-precious stone set.

Here are some pics of their FABULOUS JEWELERY!!


Denise said...

These pictures don't show the full range of beauty and spectacular-ness of these accessories! I have been able to see more of the pieces and what these ladies create, are materpieces! The detail, the intensity, the magic of the jewellery is amazing! Keep up the excellent work ladies!

Denise Azeez

Claire Stevens said...

Wow, these pieces are amazing! I have actually had the opportunity to purchase a pair of earrings and a bracelet from Pfatty girl. They produce quality work and the look is fabulous.Keep up the great work ladies and I know I will hear more about you in the future.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Unique,Breath-taking..these are only a few words that describes these custom-made one of a kind pieces. A definite match to set off any outfit, from casual to a night on the town. Exquisite pieces.

Janicia Charles said...

Awesome, Unique,Breath-taking..these are only a few words that describes these custom-made one of a kind pieces. A definite match to set off any outfit, from casual to a night on the town. Exquisite pieces.

Amando Sprell said...

These are some of the most unique pieces that I have ever seen. If I am going any where I want to be the main attraction, I will definitely be wearing this jewellry...

Amanda Sprell

Tabia Charles said...

This jewelry is the hottest jewelry to hit the streets of Toronto. I just cant wait until it hits the other parts of the world. The pieces are original, sexy, and classy. What I love most is that you can wear them with any style outfit.

Anonymous said...

Congrats ladies, your products are hot keep up the great work. Big tings a gwan!!!!